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J. Bone redesigns Superman so that he can best use his solar-based powers.

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Tony Stark/Iron Man’s “Bleeding Edge” Armor in Fear Itself

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Captain America vol. 5 reading order


Alright just a quick info post since we maaaaybe have a lot of incoming fans who’ll want to read this volume, as it’s the main source of modern Bucky at this time. 

As a new reader I found this volume a little difficult to navigate, so I thought I’d put together a small reading order guide to hopefully simplify it a little. It’s one of my favorite volumes but it can be hard to make heads or tails of when things happen and what comes first and…all that. 


Start with #1, of course. By Ed Brubaker.

  • #1-25 - from the start of the Winter Soldier arc, to Steve’s death in Civil War. (#10 is actually a House of M tie-in and completely outside of 616 continuity.)
  • #26 - Bucky starts as protagonist. (Additional reading: Winter Soldier: Winter Kills should happen sometime between this and #34)
  • #27-42 (Secret Invasion occurs between 42 and 43)
  • #43-50 
  • #600 - Renumber! Also, this looks like an Annual (usually a number of very short, unrelated stories) but it’s interspersed with plotty bits that set the stage for…
  • Captain America: Reborn #1-6 - Steve returns!
  • Siege occurs. Not essential reading, though the Siege: Captain America issue is a fun one-shot featuring BOTH our Captains working together. Highly recommend.
  • Who Will Wield The Shield - Just what it says on the box. With Steve back, a decision must be made.
  • #601 - another off-plot issue, a throw-back story to WWII
  • #602-619 - back on track with Bucky and friends! Steve is in and out a LOT from #606 onwards, but he is also more heavily featured in Secret Avengers vol. 1 at this time. Steve Rogers: Super Soldier also falls in this time period and is a great read.
  • Fear Itself (not a necessary read, but the events here change the Captain America line in a huge way)

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS WEIRD. At this point the series branches into three different books

  • Captain America & Bucky #620-624: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes (Essential Bucky Reading! Really do yourself a favor and read it right now. These work great as a standalone and you don’t need any prior knowledge from CA vol 5 to jump in!) 

    This series continues through #640, with another ‘Bucky’ (it’s an android) teamup in #625-627. After that it’s Cap & Hawkeye/Iron Man/Black Widow headlining, and that all comes together as one storyline from #629-640. To make things EVEN MORE WEIRD on sites like Comixology this series is listed under CA volume 1, because of the numbering. Other places it’s called Captain America & Black Widow.

  • Captain America volume 6, by Ed Brubaker, Steve is back as Captain America in this 19 issue run!

  • Winter Soldier - also by Ed Brubaker (through issue 14) and also lasting 19 issues. This series focuses on Bucky and Natasha as he returns to covert operations. (Additional reading: even if you don’t read Fear Itself, be sure to read Fear Itself #7.1 which is the prelude to this series. If you buy the trade paperback collection, it’s printed before the Winter Soldier #1 so you’re all set!)

I think that’s about it, for now. I hope this helps a few folks out, whether you’re just getting started or wondering where something falls on the timeline. 

As of this writing Bucky is appearing in All-New Invaders alongside his old pals. Be sure to check it out :D

[on how much of the old Bucky can be seen in the Winter Soldier] I think my goal is that you’ll get to see that. You know, the truth of the situation is although he looks very different and there’s different things about him, it still comes from the same person. I think you’ll get to see that no matter what. I think part of my goal here was to make sure that you see an extension of that version but just a different color of that same version in a way. I think he’s still the same guy; he’s cut from the same cloth. (Stan)

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Shake It Off (Cover)
BY Meghan Trainor




So, for some context, this is the very last performance of Petite Etrangere. As people who have experience in theatre can attest, the last showing is usually pretty emotional because the cast is sad that their experience is over. Sailor Pluto’s actress, Mikako Ishii, was given the opportunity to speak about her feelings during the curtain call and gave this amazing speech.

First of all, she said “They let me play Sailor Pluto,” not “I’m playing Sailor Pluto.” It’s obvious that she sees her role as a great honor and is very grateful for it. I also love how, because Sailor Moon is now over 20 years old, there are actually people who loved Sailor Moon in their childhoods now being given the opportunity to be a part of it.

Mikako is literally crying throughout her entire speech (both with joy and sorrow), which shows just how much she and the rest of the cast love and care about Sailor Moon, and every person who came to watch them shared that love with them. It’s no wonder that they can feel the love all around them! And then OMG CHIBIUSA AND PLUTO. Even out of character, they still show so much love for each other. 

I just love everything about this so much. Sailor Moon will always live on!

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ok, so today at the daycare that i volunteer at it was ‘princess and superhero’ day and this little boy walked in in this sparkling blue dress and my favorite thing is that none of the kids reacted at all, they just told him he looked pretty and went on with they’re day and that is why children are better than adults

this made my day




New still of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015)

i’m a heterosexual man and i’m screaming

Oh my christ

holy shit

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favorite personality traits of steve rogers:

  • don’t tell me what to do
  • fuck your rules
  • no seriously, your rules are pointless and i’m ignoring them
  • fuck your bullshit
  • double dog dare me
  • lets fucking jump off this building!!!!!
  • i’m annoyed at everything you choose to be but recognize you need help and love 
  • ~*sarcastic compliment*~
  • ~*barely concealed dry insult*~
  • the best tactical mind in the universe, lets plan this shit
  • i love my country that’s why i’m forever critical of it and mindful of the past and concerned for the future
  • loyalty and love above reason

steve rogers personality traits in fandom:

  • what does a microwave do idgi
  • gay people lol amirite
  • sure i’ll do whatever you say
  • math??????????????? science??????????
  • no, i would not like to participate in shenanigans
  • america fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
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it makes me mad when people say “no biggie” because we don’t need another reminder that he’s gone